Westcoast Access to Children’s Health, Inc.

Serving the Sarasota, Manatee and Desoto counties


Westcoast Access to Children’s Health, Inc. (WATCH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening families through care coordination/case management for children in the foster care system.

The Giving Partner

There are currently more than 1,600 children in our local foster care system. WATCH provides nurse case management for eligible children in foster care. This includes children who are receiving in-home services, sheltered by child welfare investigation staff, and children served under court supervision and young adults in extended foster care. We assist foster parents, case managers, supervisors and biological parents or caregivers as requested, where the primary child is 0 to 22 years of age. The program maintains accurate and up-to-date medical files on each child that includes, but is not limited to medical history of the child and family, current allergies, other illnesses/diseases or conditions, history of treatment, immunization record, insurance or Medicaid eligibility, and any other viral health information.

Our Impact

Our program works to keep the children up to date with their well visits and immunizations. Our program nurtures the children and families to help increase the likelihood of positive lifelong outcomes. We want the children to be healthy so they will perform well in school, graduate from high school with their peers, attend college, develop stable relationships, get married, and be self-sufficient. This positive outcome influences their lives, their families and our community.

Our 2020 Vision

  • Expand our ability to contact caregivers after medical appointments to assist with questions or concerns
  • Implement case management by a Tier structure, based on the child’s chronic diagnosis
  • Continue to work with community partners so we all are aware of programs available to our children and families to provide the best care for our children

WATCH meets and impacts thousands of children in foster care

WATCH meets and impacts thousands of children in foster care

This program has been serving children and families in the Sarasota, Manatee & Desoto communities since 1992

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We strive to positively impact children lives

Loving Care

Improve the health and well-being outcomes of children in foster care


Increase our knowledge of community resources and support to help the children and families
in care

Community Partnerships

Expand our community partnership by assisting the Sunshine Health Nurse to provide post
hospital follow-up

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